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Revenge Story - by Deus Marmota (Lead dev C# Unity / Game Design).

Menus, UI and map systems.
Game design and fast prototyping on numerous minigames.
Debug, optimization and documentation.

The Sundew - by 2054 (Game Design Consulting / Switch port) - A dystopian pixel art point'n'click game (PC/Switch).

Game Design, puzzles and flow.
Cutscenes storyboards.
Nintendo Switch port (C# / Unity).
Optimization and controls adjustments.

Raycasting engine(C++ / SFML) - used as a base for a dungeon crawling game prototype.

3 different resolutions (low res, 768 and HD).
Depth based lighting and shadows.
Animated textures.

DreadStar: The Quest for Revenge - Commercial shoot'em'up/RPG hybrid game released on Steam.

RPG elements mixed with classic shmup gameplay (Equipment system, level up, upgrade points).
Huge boss fights with an epic graphic style.
6 replayable levels / 3 difficulties.

Imaginary Home - Puzzle game with top-down view similar to Legend of Zelda's dungeons (ggj19).

Global Game Jam 2019 entry.
Bring a lost girl home thanks to her imagination!
Top Down "Legend of Zelda dungeon" style, item based puzzle game.
Made in 48 hours.

Galaxy Hunter (prototype) - A classic Shoot'em'up game mixed with rpg elements in Adobe Air/AS3.

Classic Shoot'em'up gameplay.
Ship experience and leveling.
Inventory and upgrade system.
Difficulty levels and replayability.
Varied levels and enemies.

Massacre (click to download) - A 3D barrel breaker game using Ogre3D and BulletPhysics.

Simple massacre game.
Highscore and time limitation.
Force and physics.
Different barrels with special effects.

Pfa Quest - A 3D third person RPG prototype using Ogre3D and BulletPhysics.

Mouse/keyboard control camera system.
Real time combat physics and triggers.
Quests and inventory management.
Character evolution and levels.
Night/Day cycle, shadows and shaders.

Raytracer - A complete raytracer engine using equations for mathematical forms.

Texturing, Bump mapping, Anti-aliasing, Ambient lights, Transparency, Reflexions, Multiple light sources
Mesh render of exported blender objects

Bomberman - A Bomberman clone in C++/OpenGL.

Bomberman clone with multiple players.
Animated models and anim states.
Collision detection / exploding bombs / bonus and all the classic gameplay elements from Bomberman.